About HAVELI Banjara - Indian Restaurant

"Banjara in the east village, for succulent tandoori dishes that recall how good clay oven cooking can be. The tandoori cooked chicken & lamb are superb." - The New York Times


Haveli Restaurant is patterned after an Indian haveli, a residential mansion with a partially elevated second floor and an interior courtyard. The jharookha (balcony), which allows contact with passing merchants on the street, and the inner courtyard, which provides family privacy or community gathering, and traditional haveli structures dating back to the 9th century.

Haveli Retaurant’s uptairs suspended dining areas permit the patron to observe the entertainment below, wheather it’s dancing or the Indian cooking processes. The wooden gallery windows in these “hanging havelis” are jalis (screens), which allow the viewing enjoyment of reenacted Indian street activitie and decorations. The theatricality of Indian culture complements this country’s traditional food in an urban setting.

Haveli Retaurant serves fine cuisine spiced with the flavors of India’s Northern and Southern regions. One may savor the essence of India with various tastes and decorative elements inherent in Indian art and culture. Haveli combines architectural innovation with the ambiance of India to create a unique dining atmosphere.


Banjara Restaurant is named for the Banjara people whose Rajasthani homeland is near Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. However, the Banjara live and travel throughout 22 states of India, taking with them a rich cultural history and distinctive individual aesthetic. They are renowned far their drarmatically colorful dress, much of it featuring intricate emrbroidery, and magnificent jewelry.

The Banjara people enjoy wearing their wealth, and proudly display an array of rings, bracelets, and ear rings. The songs, poetry, and dance they have handed down through generations are filled with characteristic mystery, romance, and intrigue. Extraordinary Banjara embroidery can be found in some of the finest markets, as well as in museums, and galleries throughout the world.

We have created a menu of both classic and contemporary Indian dishes that use spices in a more suitable way than often found in Indian cooking. Our dishes have a decidedly sophisticated orientaion. They use many spices traditionally found in Indian food, but in more imaginative combinations.

The HAVELI Banjara Experience

Banjara and Haveli Indian Restaurants have merged into one great location. We offer the same delicious menu from both establishments for your enjoyment. Join us and experience our gourmet Indian cuisine.

Haveli Indian Restaurant was established in the mid 80's as one of the pioneer of Indian cusine in the curry lane district of Lower East Side in Manhattan. Our master chef have been with us since opening our door to public. Come in and join us and taste the unique aromatic spices from land far away that will leave you with unforgetable taste.